Small Businesses to Support in Lockdown

Supporting Small Businesses in Lockdown | BABY STEPS

I have previously received PR products from Penguin. Images in this post include Girl, Woman, Other, which was published by Penguin.

Today for my lifestyle post, I wanted to mention some small/independent businesses that I’ve bought from during lockdown (and a couple from before), and also link some resources where you can find some that might be near you. The cover photo features the books I’ve bought from indies since lockdown!

Note: these will mostly be UK businesses, but I’ve linked to some sites that have a directory of indie businesses across the world at the bottom, but as a UK resident, I’ve only purchased from UK sites. Some may ship internationally though, I’m not sure!

Firstly, for the places I’ve purchased from. Any marked with an * are ones I haven’t bought from during lockdown, but are still taking online orders.

West End Lane Books (WEL Books). London, England.
Big Green Books. Online only.
Mr. B’s Emporium.* Bath, England.
Topping & Company.* Bath, England. (Also branches in Ely, Edinburgh and St. Andrews).

Naturally Bread. Exeter, England.
Laura’s Confectionary Ltd. Cornwall, England.

Neon Rose.* Manchester, England.
Lucy & Yak.* Brighton, England.
Violet’s Vintage. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Resources to Find Small Businesses to Support
Indie Bookstores Near You (INTERNATIONAL). Indie Bookstore Map.
Black-Owned Businesses UK. Shop Black.
Black-Owned Businesses (INTERNATIONAL). Lucy & Yak.
Indie Shops in the UK. Indie Retail.

18 thoughts on “Supporting Small Businesses in Lockdown | BABY STEPS

  1. Thank you for sharing that list with us! I’m from Luxembourg so not that far away from the UK. I will check the shops out and add those that ship to EU countries to my list 🙂

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    • That’s great, I hope you find some!! The lists at the bottom should hopefully have some in Europe as well for you 😊

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  2. I don’t buy “traditional” indie a lot, but I buy a lot used, because of my budget. I also buy from Books a Million as well. Sometimes full price is just too much for me, so I have to wait for sales. 😦

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    • Buying secondhand/used is just as good as indie imo!! I sometimes buy from charity shops and then I’m supporting charity as well as reducing waste and getting a bargain it’s a win all round


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