Baby Steps Lockdown Lifestyle Changes

Lockdown Lifestyle Changes to Maintain | BABY STEPS

I’ll be honest, I really struggled to think of a topic for this post! I want to keep doing my Wednesday lifestyle posts, and talk about sustainability, but it feels weird at the minute seeing as everything I would usually talk about seems so irrelevant. But then I realised there have been a couple of things I’ve done during lock down that I hope will help to have an impact on my lifestyle for a long time to come.

Firstly, this was the big one: I sorted out my wardrobe. Finally, and very rarely, most of my clothes are in the same place. I have a few clothes at my dads, but I think mostly only my “home clothes”, and some of my smarter wardrobe at my uni residence. The rest of my clothes, so my entire day-to-day wardrobe, is with me at my mum’s. It was a great chance to go through and see what I’ve got, and split it up into seasons. This has really helped me figure out what I need to stop buying, and what I could do with a couple more of. My wardrobe is not quite a capsule wardrobe — it’s too big for that — but everything in it is things I wear often, and there isn’t much I want to buy. I would like a couple more close fitting plain t-shirts in white/grey/black because I like to wear these under jumpers, and I found myself running out quite often over winter. I could also do with a pair of boots to replace some boots that I love, but I think are falling apart. I’m not sure what the sandal situation is, as I think those are at my dad’s, but if not, I definitely need a couple of pairs of summer shoes as well. I’ve also got a pile of things to donate to charity shops when it’s possible to, and another pile of clothes I’ll come to in a minute.

In the same vein, I went through my whole room to pick out things to donate, and take stock of what I have. I’m really trying to slow my buying, so it’s important to know what you have so you don’t buy unnecessary duplicates. There were a couple of things in good condition that I just don’t need any more, so I’ve put those in the donate pile. A fair bit had to go in the bin, and the rest has been put in hopefully sensible locations.

To return to that pile of clothes, I had a lot of worn out clothes, or clothes that couldn’t be sold for some reason: they were marketing t-shirts so had company names on, or they had stains or holes, or the transfer had worn off from too many washes! I looked through all these, and pulled out any that were labelled as 100% cotton, and I was left with a fair amount of t-shirts. The rest unfortunately I had to dispose of, because I had no purpose for them, and they weren’t in a condition to be donated. Maybe this wasn’t the best approach, but I’m not sure what else I could have done. Let me know if you know of anywhere I could’ve sent them! But, back to the pile of clothes I kept. I’m going to use these to make a face cloth, and a set of reusable makeup remover pads. At the minute I’m still using cotton pads, but I should be able to replace those with a few reusable wipes. I already use a muslin to cleanse my face rather than a flannel, but ideally I need a second to use when the other one is being washed, so I’m hoping a cotton square will do the job. For the makeup removers, I’m planning to cut out two circles, and pad them a little bit with some scraps. I’m not sure how this will turn out, but it’s my project for next week, so I’ll let you know! I might also make a little bag to put the pads in when they go in the wash, but I’m not sure how necessary this is. I’ll see how much fabric I have! Please let me know if you have any other ideas for things I could use this for! I’ve considered scrunchies but it’s not very nice fabric, so I’m not convinced I’d wear scrunchies made of it. I might just use it for practising embroidery?

Lockdown Lifestyle Changes 1

The final thing that I’m hoping I’ll take out of quarantine is less of a sustainability specific thing, but I still use cruelty free products (mostly!), so I’m deciding it’s relevant. SKIN CARE. I’m very bad at maintaining a skincare routine, but I’m getting better at it in lockdown. The lack of sun and extra hand washing is making it extra important that I moisturise and take care of my skin. I’ve not perfected my routine yet, but here’s my current morning and evening routines.

Morning: Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser, followed by the Body Shop Aloe toner, and Lush cookie dough lip scrub (not a fan of this flavour though!). I have a Body Shop Vitamin E Day Lotion and Lip Balm that I use in the mornings, and a Superdrug Facial Suncream SPF 15 that I put on if I’m planning to go out. Yes, I went a little wild buying the Body Shop’s Vitamin E range.

Evening: Body Shop Chamomile Oil (if I’m wearing makeup), Superdrug Tea Tree Foaming Facial Wash, Body Shop Aloe toner, and the Lush cookie dough lip scrub again. I have a Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution to put on any spots, and I sometimes go for the Body Shop Aloe Soothing Rescue Cream Mask (an overnight mask). If I’m not using the mask, I use the Body Shop Frosted Berries Body Butter to moisturise (leftover from Christmas!), and Lush’s Sleepy lotion on my hands and chest. I also have a Carmex lip balm that I use at night.

During the day, I’ve been putting a lot of moisturiser on my hands as well, especially after washing hands. I confess, I’ve been using Nivea and Vaseline, which aren’t cruelty free. They are, however, old pots (I know you should throw these things out but… I’ve never noticed any adverse effects), and I’m hoping for a replacement. The Vaseline, however, is currently the best thing I have to treat a skin irritation I have, so I’m thinking that one might be a struggle. I have a LOT of moisturisers etc that were given as parts of gift sets, so once my Nivea runs out I’ll probably move onto those, and who knows, maybe one of those will be my new favourite cruelty free hand cream!

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