Baby Steps Lent Goals Revisited

Lent Goals Revisited | BABY STEPS

Well, a lot has happened since my last post in the Baby Steps series. I’m not really continuing it at the moment because when people are very limited to what they can buy, and are having to buy whatever they can find, I don’t think encouraging sustainable choices is a very helpful option. Of course, if you’re able to still make the more sustainable choice I would advocate for taking it, but equally, when the supermarkets are carrying much smaller selections, and availability generally has decreased, it can’t be a priority. Having said that, I did want to do a follow up to my last post, my Lent Goals post, as Easter has now happened.

Until the lockdown, I was doing pretty well. I had another couple of slip ups in the form of naan bread and pringles, but other than that, I was buying vegan food only. I moved home from university a week and a half earlier than I expected, a few days before the lockdown in the UK was instituted. Since moving home, I’ve not really been buying my own food (I can’t drive to a supermarket, and we’re only sending one person to the shops at a time), so I have less control. As well as feeling bad about asking my family to buy completely different food for me, we’ve been struggling to find vegetarian alternatives as it is, so at the minute, all we can really find is Quorn mince and Quorn pieces. We also have a stack of Linda McCartney sausages (my mum buys them every time they’re on offer, so they’ve been building up since Christmas), so there is some vegan food around, but there’s only so many Linda McCartney sausages I can eat in a week.

Even though Lent is over, this is something I want to keep doing where possible. Going forward, I’m going to try requesting specific brands that I know are vegan alternatives, but if things aren’t available, I’m not going to kick up a fuss. There was a point I was getting worried that we’d run out of meat alternatives, and the only thing we could find was Quorn ready meals, so I’m glad we’ve progressed slightly past that point. Where I live, most things, except hand soap and baking ingredients are pretty readily available, but we’ve still noticed a big decrease in the amount of different brands available. As things start to return to normal, which I hope will be in the next month or so, but who really knows, I should be able to get back on track with this goal.

For now, I’m going to keep eating my vegetarian food, with vegan options when we can find them. I feel so sorry for people with dietary restrictions at the moment, because I imagine it must be so hard to find the appropriate options! I hope everyone is managing to stay safe and healthy, and Baby Steps will return when things start to be getting back to normal. Until then, I’m planning to continue doing Wednesday lifestyle posts, but with a more general theme. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me talk about, now or in the future!

16 thoughts on “Lent Goals Revisited | BABY STEPS

  1. I’ve definitely tried to be more vegetarian this year and Ive found what helps is to not try and find meat substitutes. Like, instead of Quorn mince, just make a vegetable Bolognese or ratatouille. Pinterest also have loads of great recommendations 😁 B x

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    • Unfortunately because I have PCOS I need to make sure I keep my protein intake high else I risk putting on weight ☹️ but I agree, you don’t need to rely on substitutes so long as you can get the nutrients you need elsewhere! Pinterest is great place to find recipes though


  2. I can only imagine how difficult it must be during these times to find adequate food as supplies are very low right now. Especially for those with restrictions. But I hope that soon everything will return to normal and that everyone can find what they need and the appropriate options.
    Stay safe! 🙂

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  3. I like the idea of sustainability, but I also have to keep in mind it isn’t just meat products, human labor is very much involved with the production of non-meat products as well. It’s why in the end I ended up not bothering too much with it overall. I’m not sure any option will be perfect for sustainability.

    To add onto that, I have crohn’s disease which severely limits my options. Anything vegan or vegetarian based is generally a no-go because of fiber levels. Too much fiber makes me increasingly sick.

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    • I’m lucky to not have any bowel issues/diseases so I can eat most foods. I choose not to eat meat because of the high CO2 emissions associated with it, and eggs/dairy are also relatively high. Of course nothing is perfect, and unless you live off food you’ve grown yourself you can never know exactly how it reached you, but I hope I’m working towards choosing the best options for both my physical needs and my priorities ☺️


  4. Aw that all sounds so frustrating! My brother also doesn’t eat meat and he has been eating a lot of noodles and pasta the last few weeks. Looking forward to more lifestyle posts 😊

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  5. I’m vegetarian and I’m finding it so hard to find meat substitutes right now! So I understand your frustration but we will get through it! I’m wishing you all the luck and my love. Xx


    • It is! We’re doing a lot better on the veggie front now, thankfully ☺️ my dad lives a couple of villages over and we were starting to think we were going to have to ask him to keep an eye out for veggie food and drop it over as he goes to different supermarkets to us!

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  6. I would really like to go vegetarian this year, but it is kind of difficult since I live in a household of 5 people and the rest loves meat. They are looking for different options for me every now and then. But when we eat something like pasta, there will always be meat in it, also if I make it myself. So I think I will become completely vegetarian when I move out.

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    • I only felt able to start doing it when I moved out for university and was cooking for myself. My mum fortunately has been really supportive and is happy to buy me meat free food. I often cook for myself at the minute, but as my mum will eat anything sometimes I cook enough for her too! My step dad can’t be torn away from his meat though 😂


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