2019 Blog Plans: A Reintroduction

2019 Blog Goals: A Re-Introduction

As 2019 is fast approaching, I decided now would be a good time to reboot this blog and make it a lot more active in the new year. To restart the blog, I thought I’d write a post introducing both myself and the posts I plan to be making on the blog as up until now it’s been an amalgam of whatever I feel like writing and I think it’d be nice to have a better plan of what I want the blog to be, and to give a bit of an idea of who is sat behind the computer screen.

First things first: welcome! My name is Ellie and I’m a second-year undergraduate student, studying English. As such, I love to read, and write about books, so you can expect book-related posts to be going up on the blog. I’m also pescatarian (similar to vegetarianism, except I also still eat fish occasionally) and want to start writing a bit more about not eating meat, and also trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle through things like cutting down on fast-fashion purchases and buying cruelty free makeup and toiletries. I’m British, so most of my recommendations for things like beauty products will be based on what’s available in the UK, but I hope many things will also be available overseas as well.

You can find me on twitter @eleanornatasha_ , and on Instagram @eleanornatasha_ and @ells.library and on Pinterest as Eleanor Natasha

In terms of plans for my blog, I want to be writing a lot more book reviews. I’ll be aiming to post around one book review a fortnight, and maybe some extra mini-recommendations, depending on how much I’m reading.

As I’m kinda aiming for 1-2 posts per week, on weeks I don’t post book reviews I’d like to post something related to vegetarianism or trying to be more sustainable, so either recipes, or recommendations for cruelty-free brands, or updates on how my attempts to cut down on less sustainable purchases are going.

As additional posts, I’ll either be posting diary entry style posts, or carrying on with my Review & Recommend posts where I write brief reviews of things such as podcasts or music or TV shows, or continuing the 24 Hours In series, where I post an idea of an itinerary for a day’s visit to a city.

I’m hoping this will hold me somewhat accountable to posting more frequently, and also give the blog a bit more direction and something of a routine. Happy New Year, here’s to 2019!

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